Residents unhappy by new student accommodation

The NCP car park off Grantham street has won outline planning permission to build a multi storey building composed of a two storey car park and either a four storey hotel or student accommodation. the outline planning permission acts as a gauge for how likely full approval is for the project.

One resident Anita 46 who lives on Grantham street comments “I think there is far too much student accommodation already”… “students are noisy and having them even closer to my flat is a concern”.

Anita goes on to explain that she thinks plans for a hotel are a good idea but has trepidation about the height of the building. “I think a high end hotel could be good for the city but my concern is my property and how covered my building will be”.

She explains that many of her neighbours agree with her sentiments on the issue.

The project is in early development and the resident seem keen to persuade Jackson & Jackson Developments to reduce the size of the building.

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