Grimsby Town’s New Stadium Venues

It has been talked about for many years, but are Grimsby Town any closer to securing the land to build their new stadium on?

The potential candidates are Garth Lane, Freeman Street and Peaks Parkway.


Garth Lane. Photo: Heritage Explorer

In past years, there have been rumours of building several different kind of venues on the old Mitchell’s Builders site, which include a zoo and a circus.


Freeman Street. Photo:

The possibility of Freeman Street as a venue has hit many obstacles locally. 


Peaks Parkway. Photo:

The club have played at their current home, Blundell Park, since 1899. It has the oldest stand still in existence in English football as the Main Stand has foundations dating back to 1901.

A move away could see the side play their home matches in Grimsby for the first time as they famously play in neighbouring Cleethorpes.

Despite the board and the local council consistently pushing the idea of a change, fans are less urgent for Blundell Park to be vacated as a member of the Mariners Trust,  said:



A personal point of view with the pro’s of building a new stadium on the derelict Freeman Street or Garth Lane sites.