Special school for excluded students confirmed


Concept art of school. Provided by Wellspring Academy Trust

Lincolnshire county council has approved the construction of a free school proposed by Wellspring Academy Trust. The school will specialise in providing education for excluded students and educate students who otherwise wouldn’t receive suitable education because of exclusion, illness or other circumstances.

The school which will be located in the St Giles area. Wellspring Academy trust currently operates 11 academy schools similar to the Lincolnshire school. A spokes person for Lincolnshire county council stated “Although the planning for the school is in its early stages, we believe it is an important step forwards to enhancing education across Lincolnshire” .

The school will help students who struggle to learn in a conventional teaching environment, and will employ 30 teachers and looks to educate 60 pupils. this is a much larger teacher to pupil ratio in comparison to traditional school and allows for much closer care to be given to the pupils.

Rihanon Jones a teaching assistant who has witnessed many student struggle in traditional working environment, had this to say about the unconventional school school: