Train fares are under review

It’s been announced that train fares are going to be made fairer and easier for the first time in over twenty years.

The Rail Delivery Group (who are the governing body of Network Rail) said the regulation for train ticket prices is outdated and hasn’t changed since 1995. With over 55 million different fares available, it’s no wonder that people can feel confused and uncertain as to whether they’re getting the best value for their money.

RDG will be working with Transport Focus to hold a consultation to revise the fare structure. The public can register to take part and have their say, so if you’re a regular train user you can do so at this link. The consultation will run from 4thJune to 10thSeptember this year.

LSJ News went to ask the people of Lincoln to see what they think about the proposed change.

Imtiyaz Ahmed, 43.

Phil Jones, 60.

Sarah Kennedy, 39.

It’s clear to see a change is a popular view for Lincoln, so until then we find out how you can save money on your journeys by splitting your tickets. Something that should be on the list of things to change for train tickets.

All tickets are departing from Lincoln, some involve a few splits which may seem a bit of hassle, but look at the savings.

Lincoln – Manchester Piccadilly

Saturday 6thJune – Anytime £36.10

Lincoln – Sheffield – £5.50 Sheffield – Manchester Piccadilly – £4.50

SAVING £26.10

Lincoln – London £37.50

Lincoln – Newark north gate – £5.40 newark to London £16.00

SAVING £16.10

Lincoln – Birmingham £30.30

Lincoln – Nottingham – £11.80 Nottingham – Birmingham – £9.30

SAVING £9.20