When You just can’t cope

Photo Credit: Stephen Poff

It’s 9am. You’re sat at your desk piled high with work, ten different other things in your head that need doing by half past. Your boss pops over and adds another five. Stress. Does this sound familiar?

It’s Midnight. You’ve been sat at your desk for hours, a deadline approaching and you’re computer has frozen. You’ve only got one copy. Stress. Does this sound familiar?

It’s 7am. The kids are running around the house with the smell of burnt toast consuming the air. Ones missing their backpack, the other can’t find a shoe. You need to get them to school and beat the rush hour traffic. Stress. Does this sound familiar?

85% of adults experience stress regularly with the most common causes being money, work, health concerns and sleep. However how many of you actively seek help to combat it?

When we become stressed a hormone called cortisol is released and if this happens too often we can feel weak and extremely tired.

Stress is your body’s way of reacting to any kind of demand or threat, it’s an automatic reaction where your body is trying to protect you.

Everyone has experienced stress in some way, whatever your lifestyle, job or surroundings, stress is very prominent in all our lives, but we can’t let it grasp our lives.

Forbes Burton, insolvency specialist, say that stress is a company killer and can send businesses on a downward spiral.

Rick Smith, Managing Director at Forbes Burton, said: “Many people bury their head in the sand rather than seeking help but tackling the challenge head on and seeking professional help is the first, and most difficult, step forward.” The Grimsby based business is offering advice for company directors in light of stress awareness week.

This is also reflected in research by technology firm ADP that say many people are struggling to have a work, life balance with new research showing that UK workers have the toughest time separating work from home than other European Countries.

Lucy Wide, 20, a psychology student at the University of Lincoln said: “Trying to balance keeping up with all the work but also trying to keep your social life going at the same time because you don’t want to slack on one otherwise your behind and missing out.”

88% of workers in the UK often experience stress according to research by ADP, and nearly half of them say that stress is a constant aspect of their role. This can have a huge effect on your physical and mental health.

Have you ever experienced that pounding headache centred at each temple as there’s a build-up of tension? Or that uncomfortable burning feeling in your chest? Or ever just felt weak and tired?

Heartburn, insomnia, stomach-aches, tense muscles, low sex drive or even in chronic and serious cases depression and heart attacks are all possible health risks caused by stress and only 54% of people that are stressed worry about its health impacts. This is from research done by FOURTH group of clinical and digital experts.