Businesses Hoping for Good Weather as Christmas Market Returns

The Lincoln Christmas Market is set to return this time next month bringing festive cheer to the city in a three-day event.

Despite causing chaos to residents, businesses around the cathedral quarter say that it’s their favourite time of year as it brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city.

Now in its 36th year, organisers along with local businesses are hoping for good weather as the event has been plagued with bad weather in recent years, this led them to cancel the event altogether in 2010 and the last day in 2017.

A spokesperson for the Magna Carter Pub said: “From a business perspective, it’s absolutely amazing and brings us a lot of trade, us being in the centre of it all means that we are busy all the way from Thursday to Sunday, we’ve got our fingers crossed for good weather.”

Steep Hill, Photo: Thomas Haynes

Some businesses are still unhappy with the council’s decision to cancel the market’s last day last year.

A spokesperson for The Ice Cream Parlour said: “We’re all for the Christmas Market, but we’re hoping for some good weather as we don’t want to lose another day like last year which was a big hit, we rely on local people and we feel that they could have still got in. It’s a shame that it wasn’t left to individual people to make a decision.”

Despite this, all the businesses contacted spoke highly of the event citing the fact that the days the Christmas Market runs over are their best days of the year in terms of revenue generated.