Colours for fire safety

When was the last time the council asked you to choose a new front door – and gave you the choice of four colours?

In Lincoln, residents of five high-rise buildings are being given this option, and it’s all in the name of fire safety.

A £1million project by City of Lincoln Council has begun replacing doors and door frames in

City of Lincoln Council

apartment blocks in an effort to provide the “highest possible protection”, according to Councillor Donald Nannestad, Portfolio Holder for Housing at City of Lincoln council.

A majority vote will take place. Residents of each high-rise will decide which of the four colours they prefer, and the most popular will become the new colour of property doors in that block.

While the colours so far remain a mystery, the vote adds a personal touch to what could be a laborious and boring exchange for tenants.

Councillor Nannestad said: “We are working with partners to get new doors installed as quickly as possible for our tenants whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.”

Work has begun on Shuttleworth House, and will follow onto St Botolph’s Court, Jarvis House, Trent View House and Derek Miller Court.

This comes over a year after Grenfell Tower in London was destroyed by a devastating fire, causing 72 deaths and many more injuries.

Since then, councils all over the country have been feeling pressure from residents to guarantee their safety in the event of a fire.

Two University of Lincoln buildings were found to have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower, which the University was quick to remove in the months following the fire.

The Vice Chancellor Professor Mary Stuart emailed students, reassuring that “The University of Lincoln will always take the necessary steps to ensure that our buildings meet the highest safety standards.”