Lincoln celebrates 100 years for Remembrance Day

This year marks 100 years since the ending of World War One, as the city falls silent on the 11th of November at 11:11am, we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice during those dreadful years. Specs of red dotted around Lincoln as hundreds of people wonder around the streets of Lincoln with a red poppy proudly pinned onto their collars.

As generations grow older those who fought in the war are not forgotten. The older generation will not let children be unaware of what the country has been through. Therefore children across the country will all learn about the history of both world wars at some point during their education. Although many people do not have family who fought or were alive during the war, it is still a period in history that should be respected no matter how many years have passed.

Dave Gasson, a member of the Royal British Legion

Dave Gasson, a member of the Royal British Legion has dedicated 20 years of his life selling poppies and five years in Lincoln. After the tiring walk up steep hill, Mr Gasson spends hours standing in the cold taking donations and he is happy to help pin the poppy on to anyone’s coat.

As a retired member of the Royal Air Force Mr Gasson has family who fought during World War One. His second cousin was declared as lost at sea 20 years ago. His body was only recovered last May.

“I had a second cousin, they found his body last May he was a navy guy and got killed in the battle of Jutland…last February a dog uncovered the grave, they did DNA tests and he still had his dog tags on so they could identify him.”

Even now on the 100th year since World War One there are still many soldiers whose bodies were never found. There are thousands of unmarked graves with many individuals never knowing what happened to their loved ones. That is why even just for one day of the year it is important for everyone both old and young to respect those who risked their lives, even if it is just taking time out of your lives to stay silent for one minute on Sunday 11th November.

Lincoln will be holding numerous events on Sunday including a parade in which RAF members will be marching to celebrate the important day as well as their 100th year anniversary. There will also be numerous services held, at the Cathedral and the International Bomber Command Centre.