Lincoln welcomes a new board game café

A new board game café has opened on Lincoln High Street.

The Red Panda Gaming Café has over 100 tabletop board games for customers to enjoy with hot food and drinks.

The café intend to source their hot drinks and sweets locally from businesses such as Stokes High Bridge Café on the High Street.

Café set-up

Alex Kirk-Bellamy, owner of Red Panda Gaming Café, said: “Lincoln’s quirky nature and the kind of city it is makes it perfect for a board game café as there’s nothing like it. We’ve made sure it’s a nice, comfortable atmosphere where people can come and play board games.”

The café offers multiple ways to play. Customers may simply walk in, sit down and pick up a board game or have the opportunity to reserve a table and a board game for an enjoyable experience with friends and family.

The cafe has been planning its arrival in Lincoln for the past 5 months, with board game cafes becoming more popular across the country with multiple located in cities such as Nottingham and London.

Red Panda’s collection of board games

Red Panda also added that they will also be holding future board game events and tournaments in the café for those who enjoy a challenge and are competitive.

Red Panda’s doors have opened on the first floor of 247 High Street, across from Craft with the opening times of 11am – 10pm every day except Mondays.