£1.3 million for pothole repairs in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council has received around £14 million to repair the county’s potholes.


The funding is just over a third of the £420 million fund that the government is giving to councils across the country to repair roads.


Potholes are created when water forms in the tarmac of the roads and causes the material to stretch and then form a hole in the road.


Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways at Lincolnshire County Council said: “While this extra funding is very welcome, it’s nowhere near the hundreds of millions of pounds we’d need to bring our roads up to the standard we’d like.”


The funding would go towards repairing over 5,000 miles of roads in Lincolnshire are maintained by Lincolnshire County Council.


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced the funding in his Budget speech and said: “Every Member of Parliament will testify that potholes are high on the public’s list of concerns.”


A few problems that potholes can cause to your vehicle

Lincolnshire County Council say that they regularly checks roads throughout Lincolnshire and work is “prioritised by size, location and type of road.”


The Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) is a national body that organises events such as the National Pothole Day.


RTSA says that it would take up to 14 years to catch up on the backlog of damage that potholes cause.


They also say that the Chancellor’s announcement doesn’t go as far as it needs to. They say that the 14 years of work would cost around £1.1 million per mile of work that they complete.


Future work on potholes is yet to be announced by Lincolnshire County Council.