A new treatment centre expected to open in Lincoln

A proposal for a new treatment centre will be given before the council tomorrow.

The centre, proposed by Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, is aimed at simplifying the process and providing better care for patients with clarity on the available services.

Four other treatment centres are expected to open across the county in Boston, Louth, Stamford and Skegness.

Lincolnshire County Council will hold a Health Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday November 14th to consider the proposal and how it’ll fit into the current emergency services.

The committee’s agenda pack says that hospitals around Lincolnshire are working around the clock to try and provide the best care for a constant increase in demand in A&E departments.

Lincoln County Hospital was visited earlier this year from the Care Quality Commission whose report states: “Waiting times in the emergency department and the national referral to treatment standards for surgery and outpatient services were worse than the England average.”

Earlier this year, figures revealed the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust had the worst A&E handover waiting times in the country.

There are currently two urgent care centres in Lincolnshire based at Louth and Skegness hospital sites with minor illness and injuries units at Gainsborough John Coupland Hospital and Spalding Johnson Hospital.

Lincoln County Council’s target for December 2019 is to keep urgent treatment centres open 12 hours a day working alongside the emergency services keeping consistent access open for the public.