Lincolnshire founded scheme receives recognition by Sydney Police

A Lincolnshire County Council coordinator received worldwide attention for her safety campaign, Ask for Angela.

First appearing in Lincolnshire businesses around October 2016, Ask for Angela is a code word scheme for concerned and vulnerable party goers.

Hayley Child, creator of the campaign, received an honourable plaque in Sydney, Australia which launched its own Angela code protection in July of this year in its bars and pubs.

After worldwide coverage in both 2016 and 2017, the scheme began to spread from Lincoln nationwide. The campaign also recently grew to bars and pubs in South Australia with the same idea in early November. As well as further support from UK areas such as South Cumbria and North Yorkshire spreading recently to Clare in Ireland.

Ask for Angela’s supporting businesses in the Lincoln centre

Any concerned party goer can go to the bar, Ask for Angela and members of staff will help you get out of the situation and ring a taxi to collect you, both discreetly and safely.

The campaign is supported by the Lincolnshire County Council’s No More campaign, which works to offer advice and prevent victims of sexual abuse.

The awareness campaign aims to, “create a culture change in Lincolnshire”, as well as “promote support services”, and work to “empowering victims”.

Speaking to locals of the Lincolnshire area who used the campaign on nights out, it’s clear to see the big difference it has made.