Protesters Gather Outside Lincoln County Council Against Fracking

A local protester group gathered outside Lincoln County Council on 3rd December to speak out against the recent planning permission given to Egdon Resources PLC.

The campaign group, Lincolnshire Protectors, protested outside the council offices on Monday 3rd December the same day Egdon Resources PLC were applying for retrospective planning permission.

Just over 20 people took part, with ages ranging from under 3’s to the over 70’s.

Lincolnshire is the only area in the East Midlands which has the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and incredible biodiversity. The group wants to protect their status as an AONB by ensuring that we don’t take steps towards losing this recognition.

The Lincolnshire Protectors have said: “We live in an AONB where phone lines are being removed to preserve the natural beauty but something as polluting as an oil well is taking place with no regard to the delicate eco system that surrounds it.”

Egdon Resources PLC are an established oil and gas production business across the UK who have a strong focus on safety, environmental and social responsibility in all aspects of their operations.

The protestors had various placards to highlight what they were protesting about including “Slow Climate Chaos” and “AONB Under Construction”.

We are still waiting for a comment from the Lincolnshire County Council & Egdon Resources PLC.

To find out more about the Lincolnshire Protectors you can visit their website here: