ULHT launches new app to beat winter demand

A local NHS trust has launched a new app to try and tackle winter pressures.

ULHT, which runs hospitals in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham and Louth, has launched the new ‘ASAPLincs’ app – and students in particular are being urged to download it.

Users of the app will type in their condition or symptoms, and the app will display the most appropriate local treatment service.

Ruth Cumbers, Urgent Care Programme Director for Lincolnshire, said: “Students are a big part of the population in Lincoln and helping to keep them healthy is important to the NHS.

“For some, the range of NHS services available in the city and surrounding areas may be confusing and they might not know where is best for them to go if they are unwell.

“ASAPLincs has been designed to provide an easy to use, trustworthy and quick method of finding the most appropriate place to go for treatment for a user’s needs.”

So far, the app has been downloaded more than 6,500 times whilst the website has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

Ruth Cumbers added: “While we hope ASAPLincs can have an impact over winter, it can also help relieve some of the pressures on the system throughout the year.

“For example, whenever a student is unwell or gets injured playing sport, they can use the app or website knowing they will be signposted to the most appropriate place for their needs.

“Lots of research has been done into the way our brains operate. The results of that have been fed into the development of this app.

“That is why we are confident it can help us educate and advise patients that the emergency department is not necessarily the best place for them to be.

“We want students to be aware of alternatives, to trust the alternatives and know when and where they are available.”