Christmas Car Parks

Drivers can now park for free in Lincoln on certain nights over the Christmas period.

The free parking is running alongside late night shopping on Thursdays, where shops are keeping their doors open until 8pm to allow people to buy the last of their Christmas presents after work.

Despite online shopping becoming more popular, not just over the Christmas period but all year round with an increase of 18.4% in online spending in August 2018, people are still going into towns especially over the Christmas weeks.

Consumers spend most of their money in stores and the majority of online spending was done within non-store retail.

Free parking draws in more people who are willing to shop instore, with them knowing they will not be charged to park.

Parking in Lincoln is a largely talked about issue, with constant talks about how to make parking in the city better for shoppers and people who work there.

The free parking areas will be available for people in the St Marks Car Park, the new Central Car Park and a number of City of Lincoln Council Car Parks for the next two weeks on late night shopping Thursday’s and on December 20, 21, 22.