People taking up healthier lifestyles could be a factor in the declining nightlife

Fewer people are going on nights out compared to recent years and a lot of people are now taking up a healthier lifestyle.

Nationally the number of pubs and clubs are decreasing which makes it clear how some people are moving away from the nightlife in favour of other activities, such as going to the gym or just socialising at home.

Evening Economy Manager at Lincoln BIG, Marion Cooney said that a lot of young people are starting to take up a healthier lifestyle, “I went to a conference recently and nationally 40% of young people are not putting going out as a main hobby.”

“People are taking up a more healthy lifestyle, young people are turning towards activities such as the gym.”

She also said that they are looking away from alcohol based activities to attract young people, “We are looking at changing how we develop the nightlife scene- focusing less on alcohol based activities.”

“We are bringing another cinema to the city in the form of the Everyman Cinema and we are also looking at opening more coffee shops.”

The new Everyman Cinema is set to be built in Lincoln’s Cornhill Quarter and will also have a roof terrace bar and restaurant. The cinema is expected to open in Spring 2019.

The price of a pint may also be a factor in people opting to stay in rather than go out, with the price of buying alcoholic drinks continuing to go up in price.

In line with the national trend of less people going out, Lincoln has followed in the same way. One recent example is the University of Lincoln’s Student Union who changed one of their new events, ‘Anthem’ to a monthly event rather than weekly due to the declining nightlife economy. This is a sign of people not going out as much because last year the Student Union had an event called ‘Propaganda’ on a Saturday night which stayed as a weekly event all year.

The national decline is likely due to various factors, including how expensive it is to go out now, as well as people looking towards healthier activities.  While many students still go out occasionally, times are changing and even a lot of students are often choosing the cheaper option to have drinks at home rather than going out to a pub or nightclub.

While Saturday nights are still fairly busy in Lincoln, other nights during the week are quieter than previously.