Lincolnshire is the most inactive county in England

Lincolnshire is the most inactive county in England.

Following a 2018 report that showed Lincolnshire is the most inactive county in the country, a Lincolnshire County Council initiative has been launched to promote physical activity.

A survey by Active Lives showed that 30% of those living in Lincolnshire would consider themselves to be inactive. The highest percentage of any county in England.

As a result, Lincolnshire County Council Health and Well-being board has joined with The Lincolnshire Physical Activity Task-force to produce a report aimed at combating the issue. 

The ongoing report targets the introduction of habitual physical activity into the lives of people in Lincolnshire, and aims to make the county the most active in England.

The latest phase of the project began in January and will look at what info-structure in the county may be contributing to physical inactivity. 

A blueprint detailing the action that must be taken to combat these issues is set to be released in April 2019.

Councillor Mrs Susan Woolley. Photo: Lincolnshire County Council

Councillor Mrs Susan Woolley, chairman of Lincolnshire County Council’s Health and Wellbeing board said: “Lincolnshire has it’s own problems to deal with. We grow the most vegetables of anywhere in the country, and yet still obesity is a real issue.

I think it is getting better, but I do not expect to see any meaningful difference before the next five to 10 years. This is a generational problem, and it will take a generation at least to resolve.” 

Funding for the report will come from a number of health and well-being agencies across the county on a “good will basis”, Cllr Woolley explained.

Llara Munn, Marketing and Communications officer at Active Lincolnshire, said: “Activity levels generally speaking have a lot to do with demographics, so low socio-economic groups tend to be less active than high socioeconomic groups.

Lincolnshire is a big county, it’s one of the biggest counties if we include north Lincolnshire, it’s a huge huge area and it’s very rural. It’s quite difficult to access areas and it’s very difficult with active transport.”

Active Lincolnshire work in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council to encourage physical activity across the county.

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