Snow time like the present – AA urges drivers to prepare for the freeze

With icy conditions inbound over the next few days, the AA is warning drivers to be careful on the roads.

A recent poll conducted by the AA, which received more than 22,000 responses, discovered that many people may be ill-prepared for winter driving.

The poll showed that even though 74 per cent of those people made sure there was an ice scraper in their car, only 51 per cent checked the condition and pressure of their tyres.

AA urges drivers to take care on the icy roads. Credit: Jack Cousens, Head of roads policy, the AA.

As well as this, it found that 50 per cent of those surveyed cleaned their headlights, with only 47 per cent carrying warm clothes and footwear.

George Flinton, AA patroller of the year, has issued advice to drivers, saying: “Preparation is key for winter driving, so it’s well worth taking some time this evening to make sure you, your family, and your car are prepared.”

In addition, he suggests that drivers aim to have at least half a tank of fuel in case of long delays and pack some winter essentials, such as food and water, a torch, an atlas or satnav, a snow shovel, a de-icer or ice scraper, and a fully-charged mobile phone.

A road gritter in action. Credit: Gritter5192, Flickr.

The AA encourage people to increase their following distance, too, as it can take drivers ten times longer to stop on ice and snow.

Drivers are being advised to use Road watch websites and apps so that they can check weather conditions before they set off. These can then be used to report a breakdown a track a patrol team.