Wired vs wireless – What are the benefits?

AirPods are the most recent fashion trend.
Photo: Jordan Townsend

Lincoln has become the latest city to join the craze of ‘#wiredvswireless’, which has become this season’s epidemic in the world of technology.

I.T buffs, celebrities, politicians and musical artists across the globe, have been the latest trend-setters, flaunting both types on social media and in public.

Every year, there seems to be a need for the latest product, as major companies such as Samsung and Apple produce new features that make us go back on what we thought was possible.

Major technology company, Apple, are now teasing the public with a potential new version of ‘AirPods’, which are expected to be released early of this year. AirPods, first released in December 2016, are wireless earphones that have the unique look of having a similar appearance to that of the wired model. This is in contrast to the array of sporting wireless earphones that have a sturdy structure that circulates the outer area of the ear.

In a video released in September 2018, Apple highlighted that customers would now be able to talk to ‘Siri’ using wireless telecommunication via the AirPods.

An employee of Lincoln’s Apple store, Stormfront, said: “For me personally, the main benefit of wireless earphones like the AirPods is convenience. There are earphones out there with better sound quality but they never get tangled, they are easy, they have 24 hour charge, and they just live in my pocket all the time because they are tiny. We live in a world where everyone just wants convenience and the AirPods have become a fashion statement.”

The AirPods cost over one hundred and fifty pounds, which is over five times more expensive than its wired counterpart. And although the wireless earphones consume minimal power and has a location feature for if they are misplaced, the difference in audio quality between that and wired model is almost negligible.

The iPhone wired earphones, currently cost around £30. Photo: Canva

Lincoln mother of three – Rebecca Thompson, said: “I am a fan of the wireless earphones and they look fancy but they are extremely overpriced at £159.00 and they are also choking hazard for my young children.”

The main health risk that has been associated with wireless earphones is EMF exposure to the head.

There are other health concerns, as Professor of Public Health, Dr.  Joel Moskovitz, said: “You are putting a microwave – emitting device next to your brain.”

Exposure to EMF radiation can cause dysesthesia,  insomnia, changes in memory and fatigue, even though, the rate of exposure is low.

For more information on the potential dangers, go to:

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