A New Take on a Shakespearian Classic…

The University of Lincoln’s Drama Society is performing its first production of the year at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

The re-imagined version of Shakespeare’s classic, Julius Caesar, will be performed for one night on February 17th curtain up at 7:00pm.

Milan Pavlovic who is playing Julius Caesar

Milan Pavlovic, who is cast as Caesar, said: “The role of Caesar entails being very proud and arrogant. Rehearsals have been intense, we have learned a lot of new choreography and lines.

“Caesar is very fond of himself and sees himself as a great leader who is untouchable. It has been a great experience learning to play such a diverse roll.”

The play follows Caesar as he returns from war and the people of Rome are celebrating. But there are some in the senate that take no joy in Caesar’s victories. The question is how far will Brutus and the Senators go to prevent another dictator?

Jasmine Thompson, who is cast as Casca, said: “Originally the character of Casca is male. My version of Casca is sassy and flamboyant, she acts as a jester and adds some comic relief to the play.”

The production is run by students who are members of the Drama Society it’s directed by Matthew Thompson and Gabriel Jukes who are drama students at the university.

Director Matthew said: “We started producing with a 400 word play and a blank slate to see what the final outcome will bring. The production is an example to all students to show what effort and determination can create!

“We are excited for people to see what we have produced and hopefully it will motivate more people to get involved in the Drama Society.”

Tickets are £8 and can be bought from the LPAC Box Office or by clicking here.

To listen to an interview with Milan, click below.