Increase of independent businesses opening on Lincoln High Street

Lincoln High Street’s industry is forever increasing and improving over time.

With new shops opening on the High Street every month, there is always something new to find in the city.

The High Street is full of numerous small, independent businesses that are unique compared to the big chain high street shops.

Lincoln Hight Street Photography: Suhara Jayasena

Cheeky Monkey, a new independent children’s wear boutique will be opening this month.

Helen, the owner of Cheeky Monkey said: ”There is a lot of investment going on in the city centre which should draw more people in.”

With this growing plan for the development of the city centre, the owner of Cheeky Monkey believes that this development of the high street will mean that more people will come to the high street and independent businesses will increase in sales.

Helen said: ”I believe consumers are tiring of High streets dominated by big chains and all High streets look the same. Independents are interesting and have individual character. People buy from people, if they like you they will come back.”

”We have identified a gap in the market for an independent children swear shop. No one else is doing what we are doing around the high Street area of Lincoln.”

Liam Brooke, 21 who frequently shops in these smaller businesses said: “I tend to go to independent shops, as I think they are more personal. You can find something unique that no one else would wear.”

However over the last few years the public has been visiting the High Street a lot less compared to before.

With this decrease of footfall, this may affect the future of independent businesses.

However the council has revealed a plan to change the High Street in the near future in order to increase the footfall, which will bring more people to the High Street which will benefit independent businesses.