Help underprivileged children this International Book-Giving Day

International Book-Giving Day returns this Thursday, with the aim of giving books to under-privileged children from around the world.

Founded in 2012, it asking people to get involved by donating books to local charities, subscribing to their website which has over 14,000 members, and even sharing photos of themselves celebrating the day.

One in eight disadvantaged children don’t own a single book, according to the National Literacy Trust, and this event strives to increase children’s enthusiasm and access to books and reading.

As the name suggests, the day is celebrated worldwide in a total of 44 countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bulgaria.

Photo: Caligula1995, Flickr.

With support from well-known children’s book authors, Emma Perry, Leader of the Book-Giving Day Team, hopes that it will encourage people to think about children in need in their communities.

The event is also a ‘100 per cent volunteer initiative’, meaning that anyone anywhere in the world can help out.

To take part or find out more information, visit:

Alternatively photos can posted on social media, using #BookGivingDay to show your support.