This V-day sisters are doing it for themselves

February 14th is the day for joy, love, hearts, chocolates and flowers. But it is not quite for everyone.

Men on average spend £40 on valentines day while women spend £24

With Valentine’s Day a few short days away; cards, bears and boxes of chocolates are flying off the shelves up and down the country.

And while it is tradition to shower your significant other in a downpouring of love and affection, it can become quite costly. The average man spends around £40, and women spend £24.

This is coupled with a whopping $231 million average being on pets in America each year. Not to mention ten per cent of all marriage proposals happening on V-day

But now a new trend is taking the world by storm, and it’s not just about the couples anymore.

Galentines Day, celebrated on the 13th of February, gives a chance for ladies to come together in solidarity.

‘Galentines Day’, celebrated one day before on February 13th,  was created by US sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2010, to give ladies, whether single or not, a chance to celebrate being together as friends and for people to feel a little less lonely.

Advocate for this modern holiday, Amber Marshall, talks about how lonely Valentines Day can be for those who don’t have someone to share it with.

In a comment, she said: “The message behind Valentine’s Day is lovely, however it has become far too commercialised and because of that, it’s advertised everywhere. Every shop as valentine’s products which makes people who haven’t got a date/partner feel a bit low. “

“I love Galentines. There is no quota for presents or big gestures, it’s just love. I and my pals usually post our favourite pictures on Instagram and I love that”

Although Parks and Rec were not the first ones to jump on the boycott bandwagon. Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are seen having a boyfriend Bonfire in season 1 of Friends.

However, the famous holiday is still held high in some peoples estimations. Neve Walker, a supporter of Valentine’s Day said:” I agree that it was essentially invented and advertised for profit but I do think it’s beneficial for couples too.  It’s a day that celebrates just us.”

“I don’t think it has to be celebrated with a partner, it is just a day to show someone you love them without having to have a reason.”

Whether someone is pro valentines or pro galentines, there is one thing everyone will be looking forward to, and that is the chocolate box sales on February 15th.