Houses or halls? The students have voted.


the University of Lincoln houses around 14,000 students

The votes are in. And it has been revealed that students in Lincoln prefer shared housing over accommodation blocks.

In a recent poll conducted online, students voted on which they liked better.

Whether it is the security and facilities of accommodation such as Gateway and Junxion, or the independence and reduced prices that housing companies like Jigsaw Property Solutions have to offer.

The two strands of business, which are dotted around the city, cater to Lincoln university’s 14, 000 students, ensuring that everyone has a welcome place to stay.

However, housing took a deciding lead this time, securing 59% of the vote, and accommodation obtaining 41%.

Students at the university have also commented on the matter, expressing the perks of both types of residence.

One student, Rhys Kettle, said: ” I 100% believe that housing is cheaper  but accommodation is definitely better for living in”.

Students are often excited to move into houses for their second year in education, while some chose to stay on in their apartments, enjoying the amenities and views that come with tower blocks.

With two more accommodation projects planned on the High street and in the St Marks shopping centre, the resulting votes could easily shift in a year or two.

Whichever residence students chose, whether they’re an apartment person, or a house person, Lincoln has a place for everyone.