Come to our Triathlon! University of Lincoln are kicking back at Cancer on Wellbeing Wednesday

@Twitter The Student Wellbeing Centre at the University of Lincoln is hosting a triathlon in aide of Cancer Research.


On March 13 the Well Being Centre at The University of Lincoln, is hosting a triathlon in aide of Cancer Research.

The event will take place with the help of colleagues and students for the Walks All Over Campaign.

Staff at the Wellbeing Centre came up with the idea after one of their colleagues was diagnosed with breast cancer. The mum of two, had extensive screening which resulted in a mastectomy.

Colleagues said: “Throughout this whole period, she has been an absolute inspiration to us all, and has made us all think about those affected or fighting against the cruel disease that is Cancer.”

The triathlon event will be hosted at the Sports Centre from 8am until 4pm. Participants will spend eight hours continuously running, biking and rowing.

Head of the centre, Julie Spencer, said the team is hoping to use the machines for every minute between those times, and people can pay to guess how far the group will travel.

At the beginning of March, every member of the Wellbeing team walked 10,000 steps every day in support of the ‘Walk all over Cancer’ campaign.

Another of the participants has been diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of Cancer.

She said: “I was diagnosed with anal cancer in April 2018. As this is one of the rarest forms of cancer it was misdiagnosed a couple of times at my local hospital and it wasn’t until I ventured on to the wonderful Macmillan Cancer forums with my concerns.

@Julie Spencer      The Wellbeing Centre host various talks, events, and fundraisers annually in aide of this cause.

“Although I had no friends or family with me at the time, I felt very grateful to have the wonderful care and support of the staff at the Hospital.”

Members of the Wellbeing centre urge people to go to their GP if something doesn’t feel right.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t leave it. Early detection is key to successful treatment.”

To donate to the Walks All Over Campaign head to the Student Wellbeing page.