Storm Gareth a ‘danger to life’

Forecasters have issued a warning to Lincolnshire residents, for strong winds in the region.

Lincolnshire, which has a population of over 750,000, will encounter winds up to 48 mph tonight.

These figures are expected to increase when Storm Gareth hits the county.

The Atlantic storm, which is in Lincolnshire on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, could produce winds up to 57 mph.

The umbrella’s will be out in full force when Storm Gareth hits Lincolnshire

According to the Beaufort Wind Scale, 57 mph winds come under ‘whole gale’. This category measures the damage that could occur with winds between 55 and 63 miles per hour. Trees being uprooted and considerable damage to buildings both come under the ‘whole gale’ umbrella.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning to residents to ‘be aware’ as severely bad weather is possible over the next few days and could affect people’s travel and disruptions to day to day activities.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, said: “The strong north-westerly winds will also affect southwest Scotland late on Tuesday, spreading across much of England and Wales through Wednesday. Gusts of 50-55 mph are likely inland and up to 65 mph along western coasts”.

Up to 40mm of rain could fall in Lincolnshire in the wake of the storm

Storm Gareth, caused by a deep area of low pressure, was named on Monday by Irish forecaster Met Eireann.

One of the biggest problems with high winds is the amount of trees that fall down.

Tree surgeons are then on hand to tend to the fallen trees and make sure people’s houses are safe as well as the county roads.

A lead member of the Arboricultural Association, said

“There will definitely be a demand for more tree surgeons this week in response to the storm. We will have to cut a lot of trees down that could pose a serious health risk to people’s homes”.

Meteorologists claim that the storm will be the worst in Britain since the ‘Beast from the East,’ which hit Lincoln on 22nd of February of last year and produced 70 mph winds.

For added information on how to cope with the extreme weather conditions: