‘Eclipse Chasers’ featured by Lincoln Photographer

Lincoln Photographer, Keith James, is hoping to tour a photography exhibition around the world.

Keith is a senior lecturer on the Photography degree course at the Lincoln School of Film and Media, University of Lincoln.

The exhibition, titled ‘Eclipse Chasers‘, is currently being shown at The Collection, Lincoln, and focuses on the solar eclipse that took place in America on 21 August 2017.

Keith was inspired by a project he was commissioned to do at Whisby Nature Park in Lincoln, in which he used pinhole cameras to produce four-month-long exposures of the changing water levels in the lakes, and then became interested in solar and lunar eclipses.

Keith then travelled to Lincoln City, Oregon, USA to watch the solar eclipse that hit America in the summer of 2017.

Whilst there, his project went in a direction he didn’t expect.

He initially set out to photograph the eclipse itself, but then became fascinated with the people watching the eclipse itself.

Keith’s favourite image: A hippy couple sat on top of their truck watching the eclipse.
Photo: Keith James

Gathered around the Yaquina Bay Bridge, and equipped with protective eyewear, shielded binoculars and telescopes, Keith photographed the onlookers witnessing the solar eclipse.