Top 10 tips for foreigners wanting to visit India this summer- Guide

According to,  5,163,343 foreigners visited India last year. But they always come back and give the wrong advice to friends who want to make the same trip. Here is an insider’s insight on top 10 tips for foreigners wanting to visit India in the summer, from an Indian.

      1.  Women, make sure you’re not out after 1:00 am alone, some men in India feel that it gives them freedom to make their way with you, beware of these men.
      2. If you need cheap alcohol, the local beverage shops are your best bet, but beware you don’t drink more than one bottle. Its small in size, but it gives you a massive kick.
      3. If you see a bearded fellow in an orange garb sitting in the middle of the street chanting hymns  with a group of followers, run because they are religious fanatics and scammers. Don’t believe a word they say if you happen to walk past one.
      4.  If you are visiting Goa beware you can be arrested for drinking on some beaches.
      5. Try not to anger the locals, they are known to hold grudges, so unless you’re Van Damme or  Jackie Chan be calm and cool and report incidents to the local police station.
      6. Pack two bags with clothes because come summer in India you will have to go through three sets of clothes if you are not used to the heat. Trust me you’re not.
      7. Do not hire local guides in India, they are mostly scam artists they will extort money out of you and tell you they can get you inside places with vip access when in reality they will get you barely past the front door, for example the Taj Mahal.
      8. When bargaining in India you will find it difficult, because you’ll learn that Indian locals re stubborn and they won’t drop prices. The prices that are given for foreigners are more than what they sell to the locals for.
      9. When you leave the airport or the train station there will be people offering to carry your bags, they are called coolies, tell them no as the money you give them go to third parties and never comes back to them.
      10. Always remember to buy a bottle of water when ordering while travelling on the road because the food are spicy, not madras spicy, but ten times that.

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