Breathing life back into exercise at Boston Body Hub

Twistercise in action on a Tuesday morning. Credit: Grace Thompson

Keeping fit and ensuring you’re moving for at least 60 minutes a day can be difficult to manage into our daily routines. Gym memberships are popping up left right and centre, with the main target age of gym goers being under 35.

But what options are available for the over 50s in Boston?

The Boston Body Hub which was founded 3 years ago has a variety of projects and programmes for all ages in order to get Boston moving more frequently.

I joined the Tuesday morning Twistercise class which was led by founder Debra O’Neill.

This session is primarily aimed at adults aged over 50, to help keep them fit and keep their bodies moving at least once a week.

I spoke to Debra after the session about the Body Hub and her aims for the Body Hub for the older people of Boston.

Founder Debra O’Neill leading the class, which promotes movement and fitness for the over 50s. Credit: Grace Thompson

I totally think it’s beneficial for them. I think it’s not just for the physical health it’s also for the mental health as well because a lot of these people have actually moved from outside of Boston whether they’ve been from the north or the south and they have retired here and they’ve left a lot of their structures behind.

So they don’t know anyone here, they don’t have any friends or family structure so it brings them all together and they now socialise out of here.”

I also spoke to Tina Wisbridger who regularly visits the Body Hub for its different available classes. “I come to the Body Hub really for exercise and everything is here that we need, There’s always people around and its really enjoyable place to be.

Alongside these fitness classes, the Body Hub offers a lot more for a range of people in Boston – not just the over 50s.

Motivational quotes are painted across the hub. Credit: Grace Thompson

Projects are also a massive part of the community feel at the hub. Past projects have included the Living Life Skills Project which was a free 3-6 month project for people who are over 18 and have a learning difficulty such as autism.

This is something which the hub also prides itself on, supporting people with the little everyday tasks – something that we usually take for granted.

Other classes and projects are available at the Body Hub, a centre which is bringing the community of Boston, together.