Mansions of the Future ‘Silent Banners’ Exhibition extended beyond Brexit weekend

Inspired by protest as a way of coming together, starting debate and giving voice to minority groups, these banners without words, currently on display in Lincoln, are a demonstration in themselves.
Used as way of giving minorities a voice by occupying public space with words and colours, banners have been used on the streets of the United Kingdom for more than 100 years.

Many banners and placards are highly creative and artistic in their ploy to attract viewers to their message. What this exhibition does is highlight the truth – we have a right to demonstrate in this country and freedom of expression is encouraged but being heard, or listened to, is not guaranteed.

The exhibition, at Mansions of the Future in St Mary’s Street, Lincoln (opposite the train station- with the red door) is the work of Ruth Beale. Ruth’s work explores cultural history, politics and society’s understanding of culture. Having studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, Ruth went on to receive a Masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Here exhibition curator Collette Griffin ,  gives more information about the works,  their influences and how you can interpret them.

You can see the exhibition this Saturday from 10am – 2pm as part of Lincoln’s exploration of power and democracy through engagement with art.

Other works by Ruth Beale include Book Bed  (Peckham Platform, 2014), Bikes, Raves, Caves (Trade, 2014) and Fiction as Money: The Alternative School of Economics, part of Mirror City Hayward Gallery (2014).