Women’s History Month: A Recap

The annual Women’s History Month has come to an end, the University of Lincoln SU has celebrated the month in a variety of ways across March.

The month has seen events take place across campus. It was kick-started on Friday 1st March by the ‘Not Just a Girls Night’, held at Tower Bar, and was brought to a close by ‘Belated Galetine’s Day’ at the Swan on 26th March.

We caught up with Alexandra Bentley, University of Lincoln SU Women’s Officer, to find out more about how the events were received. She said: ”Not Just a Girls Night was a social event where we had gathered a load of support info for students here in Lincoln along with wristbands, it went really well and we got to meet some new people which is brilliant!”. In reference to ‘Galetine’s Day’, she said: ”We’d had some students design some gorgeous postcards to give out, There are loads of postcards left over and they’re on the SU reception so help yourself!”

A poster promoting the Belated Galetine’s Day event.
Photo: Alexandra Bentley

There was also a well supported ‘Solidarity Campaign’ event which took place outside the SU. Miss Bentley said: ”Our solidarity campaign had over 220 taking part. We were interested in what feminism means to different people, and there were no wrong answers because it’s subjective. It was great to get a conversation started on campus.”

Throughout the month, there were initiatives such as ‘Women Power Wednesday’ which saw a weekly celebration of five inspirational women. The Women recognised ranged from Michelle Obama to our very own vice chancellor, Mary Stuart. Miss Bentley said: ”I’d like to think that seeing what strong role models we have here in Lincoln and the struggles they’ve faced on their journey empowers and inspires everyone who sees it.” There was also a ‘Liberation Library’ which saw books, articles, videos and podcasts produced by Women recommended every Tuesday. Both features can still be accessed on the Women’s History Month section of the SU website.

A Video showing November’s Reclaim The Night event was projected onto the Nicola De La Haye building.
Photo: Alexandra Bentley


The conclusion to the month also saw the Women’s Officer for next year elected. Amber Marshall will be taking the role for 2019/20. Look out for the return of the successful ‘Reclaim the Night Event’ during the next academic year.