Boston businesses give their opinions on the effect of Brexit

With the UK planning to leave the European Union, there is no doubt that it will affect businesses in some way. LSJ News was on location in Boston talking to local business owners on the impact of Brexit, and how busy their eateries are during Boston’s peak times

Ridge Rooms Café. Photo credit: Bethany Lee

There have been concerns raised that Brexit would negatively affect small businesses due to the unknown nature of trading and exporting overseas. The Bank of England warned in 2016 that Brexit could, ‘knock the pound sharply lower, stoke inflation and raise unemployment.’

LSJ News reporter Bethany Lee spoke to local business owner Jason Brackenbury on the impact of Brexit, his thoughts on Boston and funding:

Leanne Hill, owner of the Ridge Rooms Café in Boston, also gave her opinion on the potential impact that Brexit may have on her business: