Boston businesses give their opinions on the effect of Brexit

With the UK planning to leave the European Union, there is no doubt that it will affect businesses in some way. LSJ News was on location in Boston talking to local business owners on the impact of Brexit, and how busy their eateries are during Boston’s peak times.

Jason Brackenbury, owner of the popular Church Key’s Wine Bar and Restaurant, said: “No I do not think that our business will be affected by Britain leaving the European Union. We’re too small to be affected negatively as we don’t import or export.”

Church Keys’ Bar and Restaurant. Photo Credit: Bethany Lee

The restaurant, which is located on 28-30 Church Street, Boston has been open for three years. It is one of the most popular independent businesses in eastern England for selling beer. Jason said: ‘Our business is one of the busiest in town and we are at the busiest at lunchtimes on a Saturday.”

Leanne Hill, who has been running her café, The Ridge Rooms, located on 1 Main Ridge West, Boston, for the past five years, said: “No I do not think it will affect our business, our customers are usually older-people so we don’t think that there will be any change.

Market days are very busy, a few days during the week can be a bit hit and miss but it reaches peak times during the weekend.”

Ridge Rooms Café. Photo credit: Bethany Lee

Rumblin’ Tums Café, located on Fish Hill Marketplace, Boston, echoed this. Owner Dale Broughton said: “I don’t think our business will be adversely affected as the majority of our customers are older and come here every day.”

There have been concerns raised that Brexit would negatively affect small businesses due to the unknown nature of trading and exporting overseas. The Bank of England warned in 2016 that Brexit could, ‘knock the pound sharply lower, stoke inflation and raise unemployment.’









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