Boston community group committed to offering opportunities to European community

A Boston-based community group has reassured the community of its commitment to offer sporting activities for all members of the community.

Jakemans Stadium

This comes despite the increasing European population in Boston and growing concerns over Brexit.

In a statement on the Boston United Community Foundation website, the group has said they are committed to “delivering safe and affordable sports and activities to all members of the community, regardless of their individual circumstances”.

Boston had the highest percentage of leave voters in the country in the EU referendum with 75.6% of its population voting to leave.

Roughly 15% of the population of the town come from a European background, so it is vital that community groups such as the Boston United Community Foundation provide opportunities for all those across the community.

Nick Reeson, Community Manager of Boston United Community Foundation has said, “We have different activities and regardless of anyone’s background or circumstances they can access all of the programmes.

“We have seen a change over the years so more European people that are now residing here are accessing our services.

“It’s integration for one but it’s mainly about making friends and socialising with different people not necessarily from their own schools.”

Nick Reeson, Community Manager of Boston United Community Foundation

The Foundation offers sporting activities for people of all ages ranging from the age of three all the way up to those in their seventies.

However, Mr Reeson has admitted that some adults from Eastern European backgrounds can be more hesitant to get involved in such activities:

“One thing we find is the children speak better English than the parents.

“They’re having this interaction in the schools and we’re relying then on them speaking to their parents to communicate our message and then it’s for them to say if that’s something they would like to enquire about and take part in.

“Often it can depend on what their interests are and what they’re looking for but we are finding more Europeans, particularly children, participating in our activities.”

Boston United Community Foundation currently has 27 football teams within the club and offers a wide range of other sporting activities including basketball, cheer-leading and badminton.

For more information on the opportunities Boston United Community Foundation can offer please visit their website: