How gardening is helping Lincoln residents back into work

Lincoln-based charity Green Synergy is using community gardening schemes to help the city’s residents find employment.

The charity is part of the national Building Better Opportunities campaign, which aims to help unemployed people build up the necessary skills to find work in the future.

Green Synergy invites volunteers to work as part of a team to build community gardens across Lincoln. While they don’t only cater to employability projects, around a third of the work they do is directly to aid those out of work.

Green Synergy office. Photo: Alexandra Keene

Mary Hollis, the founder and chief executive of Green Synergy, said: “Building gardens together can help develop necessary skills that some people may not have.

As well as this, we believe that these projects prove that the sum of what can be achieved when people work together is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Efforts are due to be increased in the coming months, as the charity aims to begin bringing therapy animals to their gardens.