Stress Awareness Month: where and how to get help.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and has been recognised every year since 1992. Stress Awareness Month attempts to raise awareness about the causes of stress, what you can do to combat it, and where you can find help.

Causes of stress are everywhere, and sometimes can’t be avoided. Whether you’re a university student, an office worker or a stay-at-home mum, you will encounter stress at some point.

The NHS states that common symptoms of stress include feeling overwhelmed, feeling irritable and “wound up” or feeling anxious or fearful.

The Stress Management Society has an online quiz you can take in order to find out just how stressed you are. They also provide extensive advice on how to cope with stress.

Mental health charity, Mind, also identify that stress is important to think about. They suggest things like mindfulness, working out your triggers and addressing the causes to help deal with stress.

The University of Lincoln also provides their students with ways to deal with stress. Through places such as student services and The Wellbeing Centre, you can access advice, services and appointments to help you in stressful times.

For more help and advice on stress, visit: Mind or The NHS.