Lincoln chimes in sympathy with Paris

In a mark of solidarity, at 7 o’clock this evening, church bells rang out across the nation.
The scenes witnessed this week in France have shocked us all and hopefully made us appreciate our own churches that little bit more.

Lincoln Cathedral’s Blue Badge Guide Mr Vic Hughes kindly took time out of his schedule to talk about the tragedy of Notre Dame and what measures were taken in the olden days when candlelight was commonplace.

We discussed the fire that Lincoln had back in 1124 and the ones that affected Coventry, York and even Buckingham Palace.

I asked Vic what people did in the olden days to prevent fires what with candles being used all the time. Was there anything you could do to try and stop it, before health and safety and regulation?

This was his response :

With so many churches falling into disrepair, even here in our own county and ever diminishing congregations it makes you wonder whether it is right to use public money for single faith centres? Should we be looking to invest in the World’s humanitarian crisis instead?

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, vows to rebuild the Notre Dame. I asked Vic his thoughts on this….