The Festival of Creativity is back in Lincoln highlighting some very important issues

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The Festival of Creativity is back at the University of Lincoln to showcase the work of students who have chosen to challenge some of today’s serious issues.

This is the third year the festival has run, featuring exhibitions from a range of work in subjects like fine art, photography, media studies, audio production, illustration and graphic design. It is accompanied by talks from award-winning comedian Robert Webb to New Voices poetry readings and a workshop in creative leadership.

Festival director Gyles Lingwood says: “This year there are more sustainability and environmental projects appearing than ever before. There is a theme of social responsibility coming through, whether that’s about helping homeless people or mental well-being or representation of gender. The majority of the final projects are self-determined, that’s why when you walk around the festival you don’t see sixty projects the same.”

The event has been created for the audience to “Engage, Explore and Imagine” and to celebrate the creativity of the work on show from the students. Visitors come from school children, parents, teachers, local businesses and the public.

Mr Lingwood continues: “There is a lot of social responsibility, and creatively trying to solve some of society’s challenges, it’s incredibly heartening and very positive. We have young creative talent who are realising their skills can solve or begin to address some very deep-rooted problems. I feel we have turned a corner with some of these issues.”

Visitor Mark Ward says : “The festival is creative and unique, it opens up different emotions and views. The students give you a great perception on different subject matters, things that are important and current and there is always so much to see.”

The festival is open to the public from May 28 to June 7 at the university and features 21 exhibitions and 19 events.

Further details and a calendar of the events can be found on the festivals website, which includes all of the exhibitions along with talk times, dates, and a location map for each exhibition.

The exhibitions are free to the public.