Watch out! Axe throwing coming to Lincoln

Escape Lincoln

A new axe-citing experience is coming to Lincoln next Friday.

Escape Lincoln is expanding with the opening of Axed Lincoln.

Urban axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK after influence from the US and Canada. Company director Ben Whitehand said: “There is now a big demand for alternative activities, which axe throwing fits perfectly into.

“Sinking axes in a target gives an amazing buzz, which not many people have experienced before.

“We knew that Lincoln was a great place to create something different and felt that axe throwing could really establish itself within the city.”

The new venue is in Vulcan Park, George Street and will co-exist with the company’s other venue in Monks Road.

The experience will offer a 90-minute session for up to six people, which will include a range of games.

“We wanted to create a unique social experience for our customers. It’s a versatile activity, so it can cater for any occasion.

“There are a number of different games to mix up play, or you can arrange a mega tournament between teams.”

The venue will bring new jobs to Lincoln, with Escape hoping to take on up to 20 staff members.

Escape Lincoln will also be launching five new escape rooms.

“We are opening five more rooms, including an extremely scary horror experience, cabin in the woods, gone in 60 minutes and two casino rooms.”

For more information, visit Axed Lincoln Facebook