Children’s football team walk off the pitch after “verbal abuse”


An investigation is under way after a children’s football team from Lincoln walked off the pitch.

Greenbank under 10s were playing Retford United under 10s when one of their players was allegedly verbally abused.

In a statement on Sunday, Greenbank FC said: “The club can confirm that one of our Under 10 games has been abandoned this morning, due to serious verbal abuse of one of our players from an adult associated with the opposition team.”

Alex Bond, manager of  Bardney Panthers, who were playing on the pitch next to the incident said: “Behind us we heard a lot of screaming and shouting. We turned around and there were people running everywhere, red faces, hands flying everywhere and that’s when we knew something was wrong.”

Alex also went on to say: “A Greenbank player supposedly kicked one of the Retford players when he was already down.”

Lincolnshire FA say they’ve passed the matter onto Nottinghamshire FA to investigate.

Retford United are yet to comment on the alleged incident.