Helping to solve a prickly problem on campus

Hedgehogs will have a safer place to live as the University of Lincoln has joined the Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative.

The scheme will be launched on November 1 and will include a volunteer campus litter pick to help make the campus hedgehog friendly. Other efforts, such as placing dishes of water around bushes and making it easier for hedgehogs to get around, will help to protect the animals.

The number of hedgehogs in Great Britain has declined by 30 per cent since 2000 due to factors such as pollution and road accidents.

Universities are seen as great places to launch the idea as they often have a lot of land with limited roads. Making universities a safe space for hedgehogs could see a rise in numbers of the animals.

Other events planned at the University of Lincoln include a bake sale raising money for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and a talk by the founder of the campaign.