Red Arrows Return

The Red Arrows have returned to RAF Scampton after an 11 week tour.

The biggest tour in a generation ended on Thursday.  The Red Arrows completed an 11 week tour, representing the United Kingdom across North America.  The tour included flybys of major American landmarks including The Hollywood Sign, Golden Gate Bridge and Niagara Falls.

Map of America showing Red Arrows visitation spots
(The Red Arrows Stopped at 23 Locations Across North America and Canada)

The tour consisted of a combination of aerobatic displays, iconic flypasts as well as meeting aeroplane enthusiasts on the ground.  The tour aimed to showcase the best of Britain over seas.

John Bond Red 7 was inspired to become a Red Arrow from  his local air show. Mr Bond said: “I didn’t know whether I wanted to be part of the Reds as it seemed something so out of the ordinary, only really lucky people get to do that and fortunately I managed it.”

Red Arrows flying over Mount Rushmore


Squadron Leader Red 10 Adam Collins said: “Taxiing in was emotional. Some people had prepared words on the internal radio as this was their last flights with the group.”




The Red Arrows will now have a two week rest period before they are back into training for their 2020 display tour.