Keeping Lincoln’s homeless safe as temperatures fall

Homeless man
A homeless man. Photo: Joshua Brown

Homeless people in Lincoln could get emergency accommodation to help them deal with icy temperatures this winter.

The Office for National Statistics recorded a 22% rise in homeless deaths in the UK in 2018, which raised concern about the homeless in Lincoln.

With winter months coming, homeless people are at an increased risk as the weather conditions continue to get colder and wetter.

Ric Metcalfe, the leader of the City of Lincoln Council, said: “There is a well established winter plan so that when the temperature drops below 0°C for 3 days, all the agencies together will do a sweep to try and, as far as humanly possible, get everybody off the streets.”

The City Council have worked closely with YMCA who are currently refurbishing their old YMCA gym into a new homeless shelter in St Rumbold’s Street.

The gym is being transformed into a purpose built emergency accommodation for vulnerable people in the city and will provide individual en-suite rooms.

“We’ve been working closely with YMCA in the planning and design of the new Nomad Centre. I think it’s going to be a transformation of the offer we have got for the night shelter element. However this is not the be all and end all of dealing with all of Lincoln’s homelessness problems, it is only for that relatively small number of people at the most extreme end of homelessness.”

The City Council also independently work to help keep homelessness as low as possible.

Around 200 to 300 council houses have been built recently and there are more to come.

“We’re building more council houses and we’re encouraging developers to build more affordable housing. We want to improve supply so that homelessness shouldn’t arise in the first place and improve standards in the private renting sector, as people can’t afford to buy their own houses.”

The City Council homelessness team saw around 500 people in 2017/18 and say they managed to prevent 400 people from being homeless.

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