Etsy Made Local 2019

Lincolns finest artists are gathering once again for the national event, Etsy Made Local.
Etsy is an online portal used by millions of people, buying and selling handmade items and craft supplies.
The pop-up event is hosted by the Lincolnshire library on November, 29, for their first soft opening between 10am and 4pm, staying open all weekend.
Featuring 40 local designers, artists and Illustrators.
The event offers free entry, workshops and craft areas for kids. Refreshments will also be available with homemade cakes and snacks.
Kayleigh Jackson, Etsy team captain: “hopes this becomes an annual event.” As she Anticipates 3,000 visitors over the whole weekend.
Everything sold will be hand made and sold in the Lincolnshire library, Kayleigh said: “this event will show local people what is available in their county, as everything is made in and around Lincolnshire.”
“Aiming to bring the local creative community together.”
Etsy made local, allows you to buy straight from designers and illustrators while helping local independent stores.
The pop-up store took 6 months to prepare, by a selection of designers that you can meet while looking for creative Christmas gifts.
Amanda Louise, illustrator and partner of Etsy made local, said: “the set up is absolutely amazing.”
Amanda is a graduate of University of Lincoln, the pop-up event features some of her illustrations, Amanda said: “I didn’t think my career would lead me back here, but I’m really happy it did.”
“this event will help bring the community together and grow tighter.”
The pop-up store will bring Etsy to your doorstep and create an offline experience for all Etsy lovers, offering unique handmade Christmas gifts for all, helping the festivities start.
Find Etsy on their Facebook page, Etsy Made Local 2019 or check out Etsy Lincs for further information.

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