Lincolnshire School Proves Climate Study Wrong

The school hold a eco fashion show last year

The school hold a eco fashion show last year

After talking to a group of Lincolnshire children it seems there is still hope for the future of keeping our planet green.

 The study released this week claimed British children are the worst in Europe for being energy efficient. Questioning 3,000 children in the UK, Spain, Germany and France they found those in the UK weren’t switching their lights off and wasting food.

Geography co-ordinator and teacher at St. Faith and St. Martin Junior School, told us about some of the stuff they have done to teach the children to be eco friendly.

“We’ve had fun activities where the children had to bring in rubbish and we had a fashion show where they created clothes from it. This was a fantastic way to teach the importance of recycling.”

The children also taught us a thing or two about climate change, going into some scientific detail about the issues behind it.

This group of children had a mature approach to what they can do to be energy efficient: