Have You Been Eco-Friendly over the Festive Period?

It’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, children singing and plenty of rubbish! Are you being eco friendly over the holiday season?

Over three hundred real Christmas trees have been sold already this year, from just one garden centre in Lincoln.

Pennells Garden Centre began sales at the end of November, when they received just over four hundred trees.

There are plenty of positive reasons for buying a real Christmas tree, but what happens when the seasonal fun is over and you need to get rid of your tree?

CityVibe@5 spoke to the Recycling Officer at the City of Lincoln council, Peter Metcalfe, who explained the options available.

There could be some changes to your bin collection over the Christmas period, as Peter Metcalfe explains.


With the Royal Mail delivering around 150 million cards and packets each day during the Christmas period, it is inevitable that we will have a lot of extra waste. But will the Council accept any extra waste outside of our bins?