Top 10 Christmas Gifts

If you’re like everyone else there and are struggling to find the perfect present for a loved one then don’t panic. We have put together some of 2009’s top Christmas gift ideas for all the family.


10. Let’s start with the family man, gone are the days when you keep a small picture of your loved ones in your wallet. The i-Wallet functions as a wallet, obviously but also allows you to view up to 90 images on the in-built 1.4’ colour screen and listen to pre recorded messages. With a USB connection i-Walletthis is a great gift to bring anyone into the 21st century. 


I-wallet – £37.45 @



9. Is someone you know fed up of listening to their partner snoring while you’re trying to get some beauty sleep? Well this is a perfect solution. The Sound Asleep Memory Foam Pillow plugs into any iPod/Mp3 player/radio and allows you to have a relaxing night’s sleep listening to your favourite music or whale song if that floats your boat. This is the end to waking up tangled in headphone wires and because its memory foam which means is Sound Asleep Morningdesigned to give you the perfect head and neck support for ultimate comfort.

Sound Asleep Pillow Original – £17.99 Memory Foam – 29.99 @



8. Do you have a budding James Bond in the family? This is one of the most sort after gadgets on the market today. Rovio is a WiFi enabled robotic webcam. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access, Rovio will beam you a live video stream from wherever you left him. Control him from wherever you are by remote from your laptop, phone or Roviogames console so you can move him around even if your thousands of miles away. Charging isn’t a problem either as with the click of a button Rovio will return to a self dock where he will recharge to give you piece of mind. This is one of the coolest gadgets around and will be on everyone’s Christmas list.  

Rovio – £150 @



7. Do you know anyone with the X-Factor? Well treat them this Christmas X-Factor Karaoke Machine with the X-Factor karaoke machine and party set. Complete with disco ball, lights and a twin CD pack with 30 tracks to choose from the kids (and Leona wannabes). This is a great present that can be for the children but the adults will secretly want a go as well.

X-Factor Karaoke Machine – £97 @


6. Another great present for kids (and big kids!) Become a real life transformer with this Bumblebee helmet which includes phrases and battle sounds but even better than that when you put the helmet on and speak Transformers bumblebee helmetthrough the radio you sound just like Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

Transformers bumblebee helmet – £40 @



5. Women love to be pampered and this present means they can get it with no Gift Experiences effort from their partners needed (just a quick painless swipe of their credit card!) the gift experience allows whoever you want to surprise to spend a full day at a selected spa resort and receive massages and all the works. There’s also a full range similar gifts for all the family such as rallying or flying experiences.

Gift Experiences – £20/£159 @


4. The toy that’s on every child Christmas list is the Go Go Pets Hamster. Go Go Pets HamsterThese cute little fur balls move around like a real hamster without the mess and the only feeding they require is a couple of AAA batteries! This year’s must have toy can be bought plenty of accessories such as tunnels and wheels like a real hamster and they interact with the owner.

Go Go Pets Hamster – £20 @


3. A great gift for the book worm is the Sony Reader which is a pocket sized electronic device that can store up to 350 books on an internal memory and Sony Reader allows you to read up to 6,800 pages in between charges. The Sony reader allows you to take your favourite books with you wherever you go so you will never run out. With a 5 inch screen paper-like readability you can read your favourite book anywhere even in direct sunlight. All you need to do is buy e-books online a bit like iTunes, and then simply upload them onto your Sony Reader and your away. Instead of lugging thick books a round with you simply take this lightweight compact device with you and your only seconds away from your favourite selection of books.

Sony Reader – £149 @


2. Only just in second place is the new PS3 Slim, the miniature version of the Sony Playstation 3 with all of the facilities, not only is it a games console but it also includes a web browser, Blu-ray player, and free view box with hard drive capabilities which means you can pause and record live TV so you never miss a thing, and if you do it also comes with the BBC’s iPlayer installed PS3 Slim as standard. With a massive 120GB of memory you can download so much more including games and movies from the online store. Faster and quieter than the previous model it also saves energy too.  With wireless controllers it not only looks great but doesn’t clutter up the space with wires hanging from everywhere. A really great present for all the family, with functions to suit everyone’s needs.

PS3 Slim – £249 @


1. The top Christmas present this year is the gadget of the decade. The iPod Touch has combined all of the facilities of an iPod, pocket computer and a games console onto a 3.5 inch touch screen. Play music, watch videos, surf the web and play games not to mention the fully loaded Apps store which contains everything from a spirit level to a restaurant finder at your iPod Touch fingertips. If you don’t want to sign up to expensive phone contracts with the iPhone then this is the gadget for you. Whether it’s to catch up with friends on Facebook or download the latest song on iTunes or even kick back with a film, with in-built Wi-Fi this really is the Swiss army knife of gadgets and that’s why its number 1 in our top Christmas gifts this year.

iPod Touch from £149 @