The Matrix comes to Lincoln

Photo: Rebecca Stanworth

The Matrix has arrived at the Terrace cultural quater in Lincoln.

No, it’s not Keanu Reaves but a piece of contemporary art. The piece is one of many that are included in the exhibition by the MA Fine Art Students at the University of Lincoln.

 The exhibition, entitled ‘Under De-construction’, is a show of the students works in progress from the course. One of the students, Valerie Beck, explained a bit about the exhibition and about the artist behind The Matrix:

 “He was a Maths teacher and he’s taken a format and extrapolated it. This piece looks different every time, I really admire his work” she said.

 “The whole exhibition is different. Every piece is different, mine is about death and the difficulty we have with expressing ourselves about end of life. The reason for the A0 paper with size 6 print is that I feel like a voice yelling into the void”

 “This exhibition really helps get our points of view and opinions across. I think that contemporary art must work without a statement and if it doesn’t you must re-think it. But then that’s only my opinion and all art is just the artist’s opinion”

The exhibition is open from today until Monday 1st February 10am to 4pm.

If you want to find out more about ‘Under De-construction’ then listen to CityVibe@5 for a live interview from the exhibit.