Jackson’s doctor to be charged

Reports in the US media say that Michael Jackson’s doctor is expected to be charged with involunatary manslaughter. 

Dr Conrad Murray – who had been caring for the singer on the night that he died – is happy to surrender to the authorities if asked, according to his lawyer.

Should Dr Muarry be charged, a judge must then rule on whether he is to stand trial.

Dr Murray has maintained that he neither prescribed nor administered anything to Jackson that should have resulted in his death.

A coroner confirmed in August that Jackson’s death was primarily caused by Profopol; a powerful anaesthetic.  Several other drugs were also found in his body, including sedatives Midazolam and Diazepam, the painkiller Lidocaine and the stimulant Ephedrine.  

Murray’s leading lawyer, Ed Chernoff, told Reuters that his client was happy to co-operate.

He said: “If the cops want him, he’s not hiding. We’ll be happy to surrender him and they know that.”