Robin Hood heads to Nottingham.


The latest Russell Crowe blockbuster Robin Hood could boost Nottingham’s tourism by £46million. The film will hit cinemas in May and tourism bosses believe that it could attract a further five million tourists to the region.

 Nottingham County Council is going full steam ahead to ensure the full Robin Hood experience. Talks are taking place to revamp the city’s Tales of Robin Hood attraction, but even more direct to the film release the Council is planning to show the films trailer on a large screen in the city centre. They also hope to break a new world record, with the most people dressed as Robin Hood in the Old Market Square in Nottingham’s city centre.   

The film sparked critisism when it was first announced that none of the film would be filmed in Nottingham, but in Farnham… in Surrey! But that hasnt deterred Nottingham County Council as just the mere mention of Nottingham and its tales will attract the tourists. Although they might be happier knowing that Russell (Crowe) and Cate Blanchett have been perfecting there Nottingham accents to make the film seem more authentic.