Britain’s biggest dairy-farm to be built in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire's cow population is set to rise. Photo stuartncook

Plans have been unveiled to build a multi-million pound dairy south of Lincoln, between the villages of Nocton and Dunston Heath.

The dairy will create more than 80 jobs and should see its approximately 8,000 cows churn out around a quarter of a million litres of milk every day.

Green campaigners have been assured that a special diet will minimize the amount of methane produced by the cows. It is thought that farmed animals may be responsible for up to a quarter of global “man-made” methane emissions. It is commonly assumed that the majority of these emissions are released from the cow’s rear ends but most of the methane actually is emitted in cows’ burps.

There’s potentially more good news for green campaigners as it has been claimed the farm waste created could be used as a source of fuel. This could power not only the dairy itself, but also more than 2,000 homes.

Assurances have been made that the huge site will not lead to any traffic problems. Indeed it is hoped that developments such as this could help to lead the county out of depression.


  1. If this dairy farm is as we would imagine, cattle in the fields grazing, then great! My understanding though is this is intended to be intensive farming where the cows never see a field of grass. Are we not all appalled at the intensive chicken farming yet it seems that everyone is embracing the idea of this “dairy farm”. It will not be until after it is up and running that people realise that this is just another animal factory!!

  2. Thanks Roni for airing what must be a lot of peoples fears!! It’s just so depressing that we are definitely going backwards with this dairy factory! Personally I don’t think that 80 jobs is much of a carrot to be dangling in front of the local people – whats the going rate for shovelling the proverbial! Would this be a good time to mention house prices or am I being cynical?

  3. A large very regulated dairy of this size we only be of benifit to the area as the inpact on the local economy will be huge if any one ever took time to visit a dairy such as this ( i own an manage such a dairy in USA ) thy could only be impressed with the level of cow comfort and welfare provided for animals
    I wish this project all the best and look froward to visiting it when next back in England visiting my many friends there

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